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Open Source

Open Source

In production and development, open source is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product's design and implementation detail.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Creative Commons has been described as being at the forefront of the copyleft movement, which seeks to support the building of a richer public domain by providing an alternative to the automatic "all rights reserved" copyright, and has been dubbed "some rights reserved".

Public Domain

Public Domain

Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited, or are inapplicable. Examples include the works of Shakespeare and Beethoven, or books such as War and Peace.

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Avoid steep image copyright fines! Search these great sources for Public Domain and Creative Commons images, free for use in your projects.

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Need some license and royalty free music for your new video or game? Check out these Public Domain and Creative Commons sources for new tunes!

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Running out of books to read? There are lots of great classic books in the Public Domain and fresh content released as Creative Commons everyday!

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GitHub Screenshot

GitHub - Build Software Better Together

GitHub is a popular open source repository backed by the popular Git Revision Control software. It is used as a public repository for open source projects and is, as a result, a great place to search for open source software.

Search GitHub:

Ohloh Screenshot - The Open Source Network is a community driven open source project directory. It works kind of like a wiki in which any user can add, modify and maintain content provided they abide to the rules the community puts forth. As ohloh is more directory focused and is not a repository it is a great location to search and explore for new projects without the "mess" you generally find in a repository like GitHub.

Search Ohloh:

Osalt Screenshot - Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software, or "Open Source Alternative" is a site dedicated to indexing and cataloging open source projects based on their "retail" equivalent. As an example, you can search the site for "Photoshop" to get a list of Open Source software that could be used in place of Photoshop such as "GIMP".

Search Osalt:

SourceForge Screenshot - Download Develop and Public Free Open Source Software

SoureceForge is an Open Source community resource dedicated to helping ensure success of Open Source projects. The site features a number of tools for project members to use such as version control, forums and bugtracking. The site features over 400,000 projects and has a great searchable and browsable application repository.

Search SourceForge:

Game Search...

Abandonia Screenshot - Join the Retro Gamers

Abandonia, much like the name suggests, is a site dedicated to retro abandonware. The site is primarily focused on oldschool DOS games and is one of the biggest abandonware repositories in circulation today!

Search Abandonia: Screenshot - Classic PC Games Freeware is a general archival site dedicated to "cataloging the internet". It has become a hot spot for public domain, creative commons and other freely distributable media and software.

The Classic PC Games archive is a section dedicated to archiving classic oldschool video games that are now in the public domain (or released as freeware).


Freeware Remakes Screenshot

Freeware Database - Retro Remakes

Free Remakes is a review and directory of oldschool games that have been re-created and released as freeware to the public. The site is a sister site to the blog which is a news/updates site for Retro Remakes.

Search Freeware Remakes:

HOTU Screenshot

Home of the Underdogs - Abandonware

Home of the underdogs is a website from the past based on cataloging and reviewing abandonware / freeware games

Although the site is long since shut down, there are a number of user-run mirrors keeping the site alive.

Search HOTU:

SourceForge Screenshot - Download Develop and Public Free Open Source Software

SourceForge is an Open Source community resource dedicated to helping ensure success of Open Source projects. The site features a number of tools for project members to use such as version control, forums and bugtracking. The site features over 400,000 projects and has a great searchable and browsable application repository.

This site has a "Gaming" category featuring a large number of freely downloadable open source games.

Search SourceForge:

Steam Screenshot

Steam - Free to Play Games Archive

Steam is a popular PC Game front-end and store that is well known for huge price slashes on popular games. Steam is a big driving factor towards the rebirth of PC gaming

Although not quite true to the site, Free to Play gaming offers another free download alternative to Open Source / Freeware titles and can be a great resource for those on a budget.

Search Steam:

Wikipedia Screenshot

Wikipedia - List of Freeware Video Games

Wikipedia is a community driven and collaboratively written online encyclopedia

Although not dedicated to gaming (or any category specifically) we can find a number of great and fairly exhaustive lists and resources detailing free games.

Image Search...

Flickr Screenshot

Flickr - online photo management and sharing application

Flickr is social media site dedicated to hosting and sharing images and videos. Creative Commons licensing is a big focus of this site and users are encouraged to release their images into CC licensing, making it a great resource to find CC licensed images and videos for your projects.

Search Flickr:

Fotopedia Screenshot

Fotopedia - Travel the globe and discover the world's best experiences!

The Fotopedia community comprises professional and amateur photographers, writers, editors and more. The site has a fairly decent image search function and has the ability to filter by licensing making it a great resource for finding Creative Commons images.

Images on this site are mostly photos with a "travelling" theme or base

Search Fotopedia:

Google Screenshot

Google Image Search

Google obviously needs no introduction. However, what may need an introduction is the fact that Google's search engine capabilities expand far beyond what you use on a typical daily basis.

Google's Image Search function has a number of advanced search tools allowing us to find CC licensed media with all sorts of additional and useful extra options

Search Google:

Icon Archive Screenshot

Icon Archive - Search Over 400,000 Free Icons

Icon Archive is an icon repository featuring hundreds of thousands of icon sorted into packs. The site thrives on community support and is driven by creative commons licensed submissions

Search Icon Archive:

Open Clipart Screenshot

Open Clipart - Free / Open Source Clip Art Gallery

Open Clipart is a community driven clip art gallery in which all content is automatically licensed to the public domain.

The site allows you to download clip art in various bitmap based image types, or as the vector itself. There is also the ability to edit the vector art online through

Search Open Clipart:

Pixabay Screenshot

Pixabay - Free Image and vector Gallery

Pixabay is a website focused on providing high quality public domain and creative commons licensed images free for use. All images on the site are creative commons so no worries about playing around with advanced search functions

Please don't confuse the "premium" images which are ads for shutterstock with the creative commons images. The site may also require you to register to prevent abuse

Search Pixabay:

Vecteezy Screenshot

Vecteezy - Download Free Vector Art

Vecteezy is a community driven free vector art repository. The site features a large number of surprisingly high quality vectors ranging a number of types and categories. Vectors are generally provided in either AI or EPS format.

As with all community driven sites, remember to check with the artist for permissions if the licensing is unclear!

Search Vecteezy:

Music Search... Screenshot - Music Archives is a general archival site dedicated to "cataloging the internet". It has become a hot spot for public domain, creative commons and other freely distributable media and software. has a gigantic music library, which unfortunately is not sorted particularly well. The site works basically like a Wiki in which content and structuring is left to users. None the site is filled with gems for those willing to dig.


ccTrax Screenshot

CC Trax - Download Creative Commons Music

CC Trax is a website 100% dedicated to creative commons music. Despite what you would expect at first glance, it is not a community driven website. The site features hand picked labels which are releasing to the creative commons, with a focus on electronic music.

The end result is a site that potentially has less "volume" then other CC music sites, but makes up for it with high quality, screened releases.

Search ccTrax:

FMA Screenshot

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a collection of free, legal audio downloads. It is run by the WFMU which is a freeform radio station in the United States.

The FMA is community driven and allows users around the globe to post their music to the creative commons, with the possibility of receiving "tips" from users.

Search FMA:

Jamendo Screenshot

Jamendo - Royalty Free Music Downloads

Jamendo is a website purely dedicated to free & royalty free creative commons music downloads. The site is user submission driven and allows up and coming musicians to get noticed through attribution.

Search Jamendo:

Soundcloud Screenshot

Soundcloud - Hear The Worlds Sounds

Soundcloud is a social media based music sharing site. The site focuses on providing a platform for musicians to share their music publicly or privately and reach out to large audiences.

Soundcloud additionally has licensing filters which make it a great resource for finding creative commons licensed music

Search Soundcloud:

Vimeo Music Screenshot

Vimeo Music Store - CC Search

Vimeo is mostly known for being a community driven Video network, but there is additionally a Music sub section with a feature on community built Music.

Like in other sections of Vimeo, licensing is important, and they have provided an advanced search tool to allow users to find free Creative Commons licensed music for their projects.

Search Vimeo Music:

The music store will not allow creative commons license filters to be passed in. Once you search, click "advanced filters" and select the appropriate license or "Free" price.

Video Search...

Youtube Screenshot

YouTube - Video Sharing Website

YouTube is a social media based Video sharing website. It was created for and focuses on original user created content but has grown into much more then that, essentially exploding into the central, go-to video repository on the internet.

Through YouTube's advanced search engine we are able to search for Creative Commons licensed videos that can be used in your projects.

Search Youtube:

Book Search...

Open Library Screenshot

Open Library - Open Editable Library Catalog

The Open Library is a free book resource with a focus on distribution of free books as well as acting as an online lending library for copyrighted content.

The site is user driven like a Wiki allowing users to submit ebooks to the site. The site also features a large number of participating libraries giving it one of the largest collections of lendable ebooks on the internet today.

Search Open Library: